IRC e-Conference Overview

IRC - International Residency & Citizenship is proud to present the IRC e-Conference in collaboration with UzakrotaOnline, the leading tourism and travel industry events organizer.

IRC - International Residency & Citizenship e-Conference welcomes nine highly-respected industry professionals from Canada, Malta, Hungary, Germany UK, Estonia and Turkiye, who will present latest news and information on residency and citizenship by investment programs. The highlighted program topics at this IRC e-conference are as follows:

European Residency Programs by Investment

  • Greece Golden Visa
  • Portugal Golden Visa
  • Malta Residence and Visa Program (MRVP)

Citizenship by Investment Programs

  • Malta Individual Investor Programme (MIIP)
  • Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program
  • Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment
  • Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programs Comparison
    (Antigua & Barbuda, St. Kitts & Nevis, Dominica, Grenada, St. Lucia)
  • Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program

Economic Residency Programs

  • Germany Residency through Blue Card
  • Estonia Start-up Residency Permit
  • UK Sole Representative and Self-employed Visas
  • Canada Start-up Visa & PNP’s
Greece Residence by Investment Program
Portugal Golden Visa Program
Malta Individual Investor & Residency and Visa Programs
Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program
Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Program
Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programs
Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program
German Residency by Investment Program
Estonia Start-up Residency Program
UK Start - Up & Innovator Visas
Canadian Business Immigration & Start Up Visa Program
The topics will be presented by industry leading professionals and firms.

IRC e-Conference Agenda

E-Conference 2020 Agenda

IRC e-Conference

"All sessions will be in English"

15:00 - 16:00 (UTC+3)

EU Golden Visa Programs

Greece - Ms. Ismini Zoirou / Enterprise Greece
Greece - Mr. Sotiris Michael / Cynvestco Real Estate
Portugal - Mr. Jon Green / Latitude Consultancy
Malta MRVP - Mr. Ryan Darmanin / Latitude Consultancy

16:00 - 17:00 (UTC+3)

Citizenship by Investment Programs

Malta IIP - Mr. Ryan Darmanin / Latitude Consultancy
Montenegro - Mr. Laszlo Kiss / Discus Holdings
Vanuatu - Mr. Laszlo Kiss / Discus Holdings
Caribbeans - Mr. Jon Green / Latitude Consultancy
Turkey - Mr. Tolga Habali / IRC Consultancy

17:00 - 18:00 (UTC+3)

Economic Residency Programs

Germany - Ms. Eleni Tzima / Brockhaus & Kollegen
Estonia - Ms. Kristel Meos / Zenith Family Office
UK - Ms. Fatma Cayir / Bridge Partners UK
Canada - Ms. Elina Geselev / Bridge Canada Consulting

18:00 - 18:30 (UTC+3)

Q & A

Presenters & Speakers

Eleni Tzima
Eleni Tzima
Brockhaus & Kollegen
Eline Geselev
Elina Geselev
Bridge Canada (BC) Immigration
Ismini Zoirou
Ismini Zoirou
Enterprise Greece
Fatma Cayir
Fatma Cayir
Bridge Partners UK
Jon Green
Jon Green, IMCM
Latitude Consultancy
Kristel Meos
Kristel Meos
Zenith Family Office
Laszlo Kiss
Laszlo Kiss, IMCM
Discus Holdings
Ryan Darmanin
Ryan Darmanin, IMCM
Latitude Consultancy
Sotiris Michael
Sotiris Michael
Euroschengen / Cynvestco
Tolga Habali
Tolga Habalı, IMCM
IRC - International Residency & Citizenship

Presenters & Speakers Bio's


Eleni Tzima is a lawyer at law firm Brockhaus & Kollegen in Germany and specializes in German Residence and Immigration Law.


Brockhaus & Kollegen has a wide network of business partners in Germany actively assisting clients in terms of job recruitment, business development, insurance matters, locating proper real estate and investment in real estate or business.

Eleni is a legal consultant and the direct contact person for international citizens, wishing to relocate in Germany. Based on her broad experience, Eleni guides the complete immigration procedure starting from clients’ home countries until they relocate in Germany.

She is responsible for the communication with the German foreign missions and the involved authorities in Germany and remains a direct contact person for the clients after the completion of the procedure.

Depending on the immigration objective, i.e. employment, self- employment, studies etc., Eleni advises clients regarding the respective legal framework and provides an overall consultation of their obligations as future residents in Germany. She personally accompanies clients to important meetings before the local authorities.

Eleni has successfully completed two Master Degrees at University of Cologne, one in Business Law and one in Corporate Law and has achieved above-average performance. In addition to these, she was also granted a Certificate in US-Law from the Chair of US American Law of the University of Cologne. She completed her Bachelor Degree in Law at the University of Athens.


Elina has built her career as a Licensed Canadian Immigration Consultant since 2008. She has prior work experience with various federal government departments, including Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB), Environment Canada, Transport Canada and Pacific Council.


Her area of expertise includes Canadian visitor visas, study and work permits, Express Entry as well as Business Immigration to Canada. Currently, Elina is leading a successful practice providing immigration advice and services to individuals and companies in Canada and overseas. She is also a faculty member of Ashton College in Vancouver where she is teaching courses for the Immigration Consultant Diploma program.


Ms. Cayir is the founder of Bridge Partners which has been established for several years focusing on various areas of immigration law, investment migration and business consultancy.


Prior to Bridge Partners, Ms. Cayir worked at law firms and other reputable global citizenship firms which provided her with the unique experience of working with a different array of clients which included high-net worth individuals and corporate institutions. Ms. Cayir’s diverse experience in immigration law has enabled her to successfully represent her clients with the relevant regulatory authorities and her business consultancy experience has helped many of her clients successfully set up and establish in their chosen country. This is crucial to servicing her clients as they often require a diverse set of skills to deal with individual, complex applications. Ms. Cayir is a member of the Immigration Law Practitioners Association (ILPA) to keep abreast of regulatory and non-regulatory developments in the UK. Additionally, Ms. Cayir is a regulated Immigration Adviser by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC).


Jon has over ten years of experience working with private clients, law firms, family offices and financial service providers interested in residency and citizenship programmes for their clients.


He has an intimate knowledge of residency and citizenship acquisition processes, real estate procurement and investment and developer relations.

Before joining Latitude, Jon was a Partner of Henley & Partners Canada, focusing on Business Development and Sales Management for the North American market. Prior to that, he worked in sales and marketing for high-end real estate projects and has a wide range of experience promoting ski, gold and sand destinations. He has been involved with projects throughout the world, including Canada, the US, the Caribbean, South East Asia and Europe.


Ismini Zoirou works at Enterprise Greece, the official agency of the Greek State under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for the last 11 years and currently is holding an Investment Facilitation Officer position.


She is specialized in the Greek Golden Visa program, providing information on all applicable immigration laws in Greece and helping potential investors of the Golden Visa program understanding the procedures that is requested.


Kristel Meos is a Partner at Zenith Family Office responsible for wealth management. ZFO is a multi-family office based in Estonia and with international client base and focus on wealth management, real estate investments, corporate finance and strategic advisory for corporates.


Besides being a service provider, ZFO invests also on its own. Kristel has extensive background in private banking and financial sector being the founder and manager of private banking at Swedbank Estonia. She is active member of society - Chairman of Board of Estonian Aviation Museum and President of Estonian Family Business Association.


Laszlo Kiss is the founder, owner and Managing Director of Discus Holdings Ltd and has over 27 years of experience in international immigration, business and tax structuring.


Discus Holdings was appointed by the Hungarian Parliament as one of the seven official agents for the Hungarian Residency Bond Program, by the Maltese government to act as government concessionaire for the Malta Residence and Visa Program and through its subsidiary the government of Montenegro has chosen it as one of the three official agents to handle application in its citizenship program.


Ryan has helped well over 500 high net worth individuals, mostly seeking alternative residence and citizenship in Malta over the past four years.


Before joining Latitude, in his senior management role at Henley & Partners - and later as a member of the board of directors for Henley Estates in Malta - Ryan was an integral part of the team that successfully handled the Malta Individual Investor Program (MIIP). He went on to manage the real estate arm of the business, overseeing a growing team in Malta that assisted clients with the acquisition of real estate, property management, and other ancillary services, all important components in residence and citizenship planning.

Before assisting clients in the world of investment migration, Ryan spent seven years at HSBC, focusing on customer experience excellence and employee engagement. Prior to that, he worked in the hospitality industry for various international hotel chains.

Ryan is an alumnus of the university of Wales, Cardiff, and a member of the Institute of Financial Services Practitioners. He sees learning as a way of life, is a great believer in the universal laws, and is devoted to personal development.


Mr. Tolga Habali, has over 10 years active professional experience in the Residency & Citizenship by Investment industry and international real estate investments.


He has successfully helped over 100’s of investor clients from China, Russia, USA, Europe, India, Middle East and Turkey to acquire residency or citizenship in various countries; primarily but not limited to Malta, Caribbean (Antigua & Barbude, St Kitts & Nevis, Dominica, Grenada, St. Lucia), USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Greece, Portugal, Hungary, Turkey as well as Slovenia and Estonia.

Mr. Habali is an active member of Investment Migration Council (IMC). He has hold Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) designation between 2009 and 2019.

He is a graduate of University of British Columbia Canadian (UBC) Immigration Law Certificate Program (2009) as well as UBC Intercultural Studies Award of Achievement.

He holds an International MBA degree from University of Hertfordshire, UK and Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Public Administration from Middle East Technical University, Turkey. Before joining the Residency & Citizenship by Investment industry, Mr. Habali has had a vast experience in corporate, investment and retail bankings in Garanti BBVA, HSBC Turkey and HSBC Canada.

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