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The Turkish citizenship by investment program is categorized as “grant of citizenship under exceptional circumstances; namely contribution to Turkish economy, culture and social life”. Turkish Citizenship by Investment program was introduced in January 2017 with the amendments in the Turkish Citizenship Act (Citizenship Act:5901 Section:46) and Regulations (Regulation # 2016/9601) allowing foreign nationals to acquire Turkish Citizenship by means of various active and/or passive investments:

1. At least 1 million USD real estate investment

2. At least 1.5 million USD investment into Real Estate Investment Funds

3. At least 2 million USD fixed capital investment

4. Business investment and creating new employment opportunities for 100 Turkish citizens

5. At least 3 million USD capital deposits to Turkish Banks

6. At least 3 million USD investment into the government debt instruments

Citizenship by Investment Through Real Estate

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