IRC - International Residency & Citizenship is a boutique-consulting firm on residency and citizenship by investment industry established in 2012.  IRC is an affiliate of Eurasia Holding Inc. Canada, which was started originally in 2006 as a Canadian International Education Advisory firm and evolved to a Canadian Immigration Practice after 2009 and eventually a Citizenship and Residence by Investment practice after 2012.

Today, IRC serves its selected clientele to acquire residence or citizenship and make real estate investments in various countries. The primary focus of IRC is but not limited to the following programs;

Citizenship by Investment Programs

  • Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programs:
    • Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment
    • St. Kitts & Nevis Citizenship by Investment
    • Commonwealth of Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program
    • Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program
    • St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program
  • Cyprus Citizenship by Exception Program (Program suspended)
  • Malta Citizenship by Exceptional Investment (MEIN)
  • Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program
  • Turkish Citizenship by Exception Program
  • Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Pogram

Residency by Investment & Golden Visa Programs

  • Greece Residency by Real Estate Investment
  • Malta Residence & Visa Program (MRVP)
  • Portugal Golden Visa Program
  • USA EB5 – Investor Green Card Program
  • UK Investor Immigrant Program (UKIIP)
  • Canada – Quebec Investor Immigrant Program (QIIP)
  • Canada – Start up Visa & Business PNP’s

IRC works with selected service providers in different jurisdictions and delivers highest client satisfaction in collaboration with its trusted working partners.


tolgahabali2.jpgIRC Managing Director, Mr. Tolga Habali, has over 10 years active professional experience in the Residency & Citizenship by Investment industry and international real estate investments. He has successfully helped over 100’s of investor clients from China, Russia, USA, Europe, India, Middle East and Turkiye to acquire residency or citizenship in various countries; primarily but not limited to Malta, Caribbean (Antigua & Barbude, St Kitts & Nevis, Dominica, Grenada, St. Lucia), USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Greece, Portugal, Hungary as well as Slovenia and Estonia.

Mr. Habali is an active member of Investment Migration Council (IMC). He has hold Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) designation between 2009 and 2019.

He is a graduate of University of British Columbia Canadian (UBC) Immigration Law Certificate Program (2009) as well as UBC Intercultural Studies Award of Achievement.

He holds an International MBA degree from University of Hertfordshire, UK. Before joining the Residency & Citizenship by Investment industry, Mr. Habali has had a vast experience in corporate, investment and retail banking.



Latitude World



Mr. Cemil Karahasan

Saral Law Firm, Istanbul

Cemil Karahasan is the co-founding partner of Saral Law Firm (1991), which is a full service, client oriented boutique law firm established in Istanbul, Turkiye  (1991) and home for ten highly credibly Lawyers.

A graduate of İstanbul University, Faculty of Law (1987) and a member in good standing of Istanbul Bar Association (Registration #15366), Mr. Karahasan has been practicing Turkish Law since 1988. During his professional life, he has been Legal Counsel and Lawyer of many leading Conglomerates, Commercial Enterprises and Individuals in Turkiye. His legal expertise expands to Corporate Law, Contract Law, Corporate Governance, Compensation Law, Labor Law, International Commercial Law, Transportation Law, Real Estate Law, Intellectual Property Law as well as Turkish Immigration and Citizenship Law. He also acts as the legal representative of his clients in international litigations.

Mr. Karahasan has had an entrepreneurial experience in Canada, where he run and operated a full service high dining Mediterranean Restaurant and café for several years as an Immigrant. During his entrepreneurial time, he had been acquainted with North American legal and business environment, embraced multiculturism as well as excelled in cross cultural communications.

With his legal expertise and reputable full service Law Firm experience in Turkiye as well as international living, business experience and cross-cultural skills, Mr. Karahasan offers his legal service as the Lead Legal Advisor to IRC – International Residency & Citizenship Consultancy clients for the Turkish Citizenship by Investment program.


Canada Certified Immigration Consultant
Bridge Canada Immigration, Vancouver

Elina has built her career as a Licensed Canadian Immigration Consultant since 2008. She has prior work experience with various federal government departments, including Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB), Environment Canada, Transport Canada and Pacific Council.

Her area of expertise includes Canadian visitor visas, study and work permits, Express Entry as well as Business Immigration to Canada. Currently, Elina is leading a successful practice providing immigration advice and services to individuals and companies in Canada and overseas. She is also a faculty member of Ashton College in Vancouver where she is teaching courses for the Immigration Consultant Diploma program.


Ms. Fatma CAYIR
UK Certified Immigration Consultant
Bridge Partners UK, London

Ms. Cayir is the founder of Bridge Partners which has been established for several years focusing on various areas of immigration law, investment migration and business consultancy.

Prior to Bridge Partners, Ms. Cayir worked at law firms and other reputable global citizenship firms which provided her with the unique experience of working with a different array of clients which included high-net worth individuals and corporate institutions. Ms. Cayir’s diverse experience in immigration law has enabled her to successfully represent her clients with the relevant regulatory authorities and her business consultancy experience has helped many of her clients successfully set up and establish in their chosen country. This is crucial to servicing her clients as they often require a diverse set of skills to deal with individual, complex applications. Ms. Cayir is a member of the Immigration Law Practitioners Association (ILPA) to keep abreast of regulatory and non-regulatory developments in the UK. Additionally, Ms. Cayir is a regulated Immigration Adviser by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC).


Ms. Kristel Meos
Zenith Family Office, Tallinn, Estonia

Kristel Meos is a Partner at Zenith Family Office responsible for wealth management. ZFO is a multi-family office based in Estonia and with international client base and focus on wealth management, real estate investments, corporate finance and strategic advisory for corporates.

Besides being a service provider, ZFO invests also on its own. Kristel has extensive background in private banking and financial sector being the founder and manager of private banking at Swedbank Estonia. She is active member of society - Chairman of Board of Estonian Aviation Museum and Member of Board of Estonian Family Business Association.


Discus Holdings
Mr. Laszlo Kiss
Managing Director

Laszlo Kiss is the founder, owner and Managing Director of Discus Holdings Ltd and has over 27 years of experience in international immigration, business and tax structuring.

Discus Holdings was appointed by the Hungarian Parliament as one of the seven official agents for the Hungarian Residency Bond Program, by the Maltese government to act as government concessionaire for the Malta Residence and Visa Program and through its subsidiary the government of Montenegro has chosen it as one of the three official agents to handle application in its citizenship program.



Canadian Visa Specialists, Montreal
Ms. Louise Willis
Canada Certified Immigration Consultant

Chantal Deslonges Law Firm, Toronto
Ms. Chantal Deslonges
Immigration Lawyer

Sas & ing Law Firm, Vancouver
Ms. Catherine Sas
Immigration Lawyer


Vassillios Fragkiadakis Law Firm, Athens
Mr. Vasili Fragkiadakis



Yilmazlar Law Firm, Istanbul
Mr. Tunay Yilmazlar

Tunay Yılmazlar is founding partner of Yilmazlar Law Firm. He specializes in real estate law.

Tunay Yılmazlar, who has graduated from Kadikoy Anatolian High School at 2005 and afterwards has graduated from Koc University Law School at 2009, speaks fluent English. He is admitted to Istanbul Bar at 2010.

Starting from the year of 2009, Tunay Yılmazlar has been working at the most reputable international law firms in Turkiye, where on the other hand he has worked at Elitok & Hartnett Law Firm at Washington, DC during a particular time period at his career.

He has extensive experience at real estate law, corporate law and litigation and dispute resolution. He has been advising real estate projects with vast value from their development to completion at each step.

Additionally, he assists foreign real person clients at their property investments in Turkiye and in their subsequent residence and Turkish citizenship acquisitions in connection with their property ownership.


Lawler & Lawler Law Firm, San Francisco CA
Mr. Martin Lawler
Immigration Lawyer